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Do you know what are the 5 food types which are poisionous to your dog ?

| Ads Categories | August 29, 2020

Useful to know . Read this here : shorturl.at/ahoI3

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The unhappy Pet store…

| Ads Categories | August 28, 2020

I have just watched a tv documentary of the challenges of a Pet Store.

This Pet Store is located in a busy section of the city –lots of people walking around but they don’t seem to want to enter this Pet shop.

What is happening?

First competition with a bigger store. There is one just down the road. The bigger store sells goods at a cheaper price because they buy in bulk, their goods have more variety, the shop has a modern layout and workers better trained in customer’s relations.

As for our store, is in need of re painting, better layout, better goods display and it has to fix its prices problem. Many things to sort out.

Certainly, it would be helpful if the Pet Store could promote itself. If this shop is in Kuching, I would advise it to advertise with us. We have people visiting us, and many will read about them. They would become its customers.

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Eggs and Dogs – Superfood?

| Ads Categories | September 26, 2018

There has been quite a few discussions around the benefits of feeding dogs raw eggs, and what the benefits are.

Raw eggs are a good source of:

1. Vitamin A
Important to promote vision, and healthy reproduction system

2. Riboflavin(vitamin b2)
Promotes muscle strength, growth of bones and hair.

3. Panthothenic acid,
Aids in growth, and especially important for growing dogs. Research has shown without Panthothenic acid, growth ceased and “respiration and heart rate became rapid, and death with coma followed quickly.” Source: https://www.cabdirect.org/cabdirect/abstract/19421401132

4. Vitamin D
Responsible for absorption of essential minerals, including calcium (bone) and deficiency can possibly cancer

The list above lists some of the benefits of feeding raw eggs. There are other minerals and vitamins I have not listed. It is for this reason I have started using raw eggs, at twice per week, and hoping to see benefits.

Do you feed your dog raw eggs?

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Biodegradable Pet Coffins

| Blog | September 3, 2018

I friend of mine provides a service to bury and sometime cremate pets .
For this he has to collect the body from the house and then bury it or sent to a crematorium . He would put the ashes into a $5 ceramic urn and changed $50 for it . He charges from $200 to $500 for a pet dog . Pet owners are prepared to pay for this services . It shows you how much they loved their pets .

Here is another story of how someone made biodegradable pet coffins for their Pets .


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Flea, Ticks, Heartworms, Roundworms and Whipworms

| Ads Categories | September 2, 2018

Dogs and cats are vulnerable to diseases that are carried by fleas, ticks and infections by parasites, including heartworms, roundworms and whipworms can be fatal if not treated early.

There are numerous techniques to control these infection, including, washing, inspection and combing. However, with parasites, these can be spread by mosquitoes. We are now entering the wet season, where the population of mosquitoes can be expected to increase.

Whilst fleas and ticks can be visually spotted, parasites are generally internal and cannot be visually seen. Physical signs include:

1. Mild persistent cough
2. Fatigue
3. Decreased appetite
4. Appearance of swollen belly

The list above is not definitive, but is a guide. Here at PetsAdsBiz we have been using Nexgard Spectra. It comes in chewable form, and has active chemical to protect against fleas and various parasites. It’s from Boehringer Ingelheim, and is a trusted source in the medicine world. For more information, please visit http://nexgardspectra.com.au/

Give it to your cat or dog, and protect them from the parasites, ticks and fleas.

If you are interested in purchasing some, please get in contact.

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    Please note : Pets shows in Miri from Aug 30 2018 to Sept 2 2018 .

    | Blog | August 30, 2018

    Pets exhibited includes ” snakes, tarantulas , frogs, hedgehogs, tarantulas, scorpions and a variety of lizards.”

    Place : 18th Miri Trade Fair, in Miri , Sarawak .

    The Pets show is orgainised by ” The pet show, called ‘Wild Friends of RRSS Students’, is organised by Riam Road Secondary School (RRSS).”

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    An event in Kuching : Loving your Dog on Sept 15 to 16 2018

    | Blog | August 22, 2018

    Sarawak Kernel Association is holding an event to promote a health relationship with your loving pet.

    This will be held in Sept 15th – Sept 16th 2018. Early bird registration expires 3rd September 2018.

    For more info, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/215206742450157/

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    Foreign objects found in pet food

    | Blog | August 14, 2018

    Pet food industry in Australia is facing calls for regulation after recent cases of plastic moulds being found in kibble. In one particular case, around 74 cases of megaoesophagus has afflicted dogs in Melbourne, Australia. This has prompted the manufacture (Mars) to recall the product (https://www.advancepet.com.au/update-on-advance-dermocare-product-recall/).

    Currently the industry is self regulating and has a voluntary compliance. In light of these cases, some owners have gone towards feeding their pets self prepared meat and vegetable. It is important to ensure the diet is balanced, and under no circumstances should bones be cooked. Cooked bones may splinter and cause serious harm to dogs.

    What are you feeding your pet today?

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    Dogs owners are advised not to feed their dogs raw chicken especially chicken neck

    | Blog | April 17, 2018

    This advice is for Pet owners who feed their pets raw chicken meat .
    You are advised not to . Here are the reasons why :

    ” Dog owners have been advised to avoid feeding their pets raw chicken after researchers found a link between the meat and a rare and potentially fatal form of canine paralysis.
    Key points:

    University of Melbourne study warns against feeding dogs raw chicken meat, especially necks
    Consumption of raw meat increases chances of catching polyradiculoneuritis, or APN
    Researchers find link with small dogs, which are more likely to eat chicken necks

    Researchers at the University of Melbourne’s U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital found dogs which eat raw chicken meat, especially chicken necks, have an increased risk of developing the paralysing condition polyradiculoneuritis, also known as APN.

    Chicken necks have long been recommended to pet owners for dental health, especially for smaller dog breeds, and are readily available in supermarkets.

    The study’s findings confirmed a “significant association” between APN and smaller canines.

    Matthias le Chevoir, the chief investigator of the project, said the cause of APN had long been unknown, but the results were concerning given a growing trend to feed dogs raw meat diets.

    “We would recommend that owners choose regular dog food rather than chicken necks until we know more about this debilitating condition,” the researchers wrote in the study.
    Debilitating symptoms

    The paralysis is linked to an unregulated immune system in the dog, which results in attacks on its own nerve roots and Dr le Chevoir said it could be fatal.
    A whole raw chicken on a bench.
    Photo: Researchers at the University of Melbourne advise against feeding dogs raw chicken meat. (Flickr: catharticflux)

    “It is a rare but very debilitating condition where the dog’s hind legs first become weak and then may progress to affect the front legs, neck, head and face,” he said.

    “Some dogs may die from the disease if their chest becomes paralysed.

    “Most dogs eventually recover without treatment but it may take up to six months or more in some cases.

    “It can be difficult for owners to nurse their pet until the condition gradually improves.”
    Research confirms theories

    The paralysis is the dog form of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) in humans, which is often triggered by the bacteria campylobacter, which may be present in undercooked chicken.

    Considering this, the researchers studied the faeces of more than 70 dogs.

    They found those with symptoms of APN were more likely to have had a campylobacter infection than those without, according to the study’s lead author Lorena Martinez-Anton.

    “We predict that the microbe campylobacter is likely to be the reason for the dysregulation of the dog’s immunity and therefore, the symptoms of paralysis,” Dr Martinez-Anton said.

    “These bacteriological results were consistent with the hypothesis that the uncooked chicken meat was the source of the campylobacter and as a result, triggered APN.”

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